Unpopular EYK Opinions
Offended by Offended Fans

I find it offensive when fans/viewers get offended by Simon and Martina’s take on Kpop and life in Korea.  I was an Expat in Korea for a couple of years and a lot of foreigners in Korea have similar reactions and beliefs on life in Korea as they do.  As a non-white Canadian I get where they’re coming from.  So it’s not them acting like privileged white people. Unless you’ve lived in Korea or are Korean yourself, I don’t think people have a right to criticize Simon and Martina for how they express themselves about Korea.  Furthermore many Koreans enjoy EYK including Kpop Idols. So I’m not sure why these fans/viewers get so offended for their Kpop Idol’s and Korea’s sake. Unless…you’re a Korean in Korea or living overseas then I guess you have a right to feel offended.  But just so you know many foreigners feel the same way and often times express themselves not quite as nice as Simon and Martina do.  I love Korea but as a foreigner there are just some things that are extremely hard to get used to and comprehend. 

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