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Ok so I am a BANA, and for a while i really looked up to S&M, until they started saying B1A4 were no longer good. they started bashing them because they took on a more mature style since they came out with Lonely, and that they have “gone down the tubes” and should go back to the “cutesy weird” concept they used to have. but when did changing a concept become a bad thing? i mean, SHINee had Julliet, and now they have Everybody and S&M PRAISE them for it, b\but when B1A4 grow up even a bit, oh no they have fallen out of their realm, they suck! they cant change, not one bit, bcause noone ever changes, or grows up.(sarcasm) they ought to be praising them as much as they did shinee for getting out of the colorful pants for a change, not the other way around.

On English Ratings and B.A.P

I just found this page today and after reading some of the confessions here I’m really heartened to know I’m not the only one who is made uncomfortable by some EYK content. To be clear, I do appreciate S&M initially introducing me to Kpop, but in the process of cultivating a more comprehensive interest in Korea, I feel like I may have “outgrown” EYK for a number of reasons.

In particular, the whole “rating the English of the song” thing always rubbed me the wrong way. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to learn the language, but understand that making a choice not to puts you in a position of not being justified in critiquing others’ use or misuse of *your* language. One of my favorite parts of the one Kpop concert I’ve been to was the break in the middle when the members went down the line, speaking to the audience (and doing so in whatever language they felt comfortable in!) We cheered when some of them managed even a little English, correct or no, just as I would hope someone would do for me if I was put on the spot to speak in my awful pidgin Korean in front of one person, let alone thousands. They’re idols, they’re carefully groomed marketing tools, they have to be a certain level of outgoing and confident to have made it to where they are. But they are still human underneath, and it doesn’t change that fact that it means a lot to me as an English-speaking fan that they’re making an effort to reach out, *even* as a marketing tool.

That brings me to my second point, which is that I also like what another user here said - that KPOP is not designed for English-speaking foreigners. Is that fanbase one which a lot of labels/groups are trying to expand into right now? Sure. Is it the only fanbase, or even the main fanbase for KPOP? I really don’t think so. I think nothing illustrates this better than the fact that a lot of KPOP group “World Tours” very much stick to an East Asian circuit, sometimes a South American circuit, but English-speaking European countries and the US have only recently warranted singular stops on tours. So when English shows up in a song, I appreciate it without feeling it was put there specifically for me, and I therefore don’t feel personally offended on behalf of all English-speakers when the grammar or pronunciation of something is off.

I understand that it’s entirely my choice to watch EYK, and if it makes me uncomfortable, I should probably just stop watching, and to be honest I have for the most part. Part of it is the lacklusterness which, hey, if I’d been making videos for this long, I may be a little tired/bored/running out of ideas by now too. But what frustrates me most is that it’s sometimes not even *what* they say, but *how* they choose to say it that bothers me.

The recent B.A.P controversy (which I apologize for even bringing up at this point) is the prime example. I too am a little saddened to see B.A.P going in a different direction from their earlier work (totally their prerogative, and hey, if they kept doing the same stuff over and over, we’d probably all get bored pretty quickly). It’s casting them in a different light than I’m used to, and I think it’s easy to feel that by moving away from their fierce, swaggering early image to a more balanced image incorporating ballads and such, they’re abandoning what made them stand out int he first place. But that’s just the way I feel at the moment. They’re still talented and masculine and cool, and I wish them well; I’m just not quite as excited about their current stuff as their older stuff, and a kind of selfish part of me hopes they return to that older style at some point down the road. That’s one way to say it. Another way to say it is to call them “bitch ass pussies.” I think by now we’ve all come to pretty clear conclusion on which way might have been the better way to go.

Anyway, glad I’m not the only one bothered by these things, but I’m going to stop here to avoid this page from becoming a codependent echo chamber. Like with B.A.P, I may just lurk for a while hoping EYK moves back in the direction of some of their older stuff. Unlike with B.A.P, I may not respect what they do in the meantime.

The truth is..

I think this post says it all, really.

You can be a good person with good intentions and still say and do shitty things.

Simon and Martina are absolutely nice nice people just trying to do what they love. BUT THEY HAVE MADE MISTAKES AND THEY SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR SAYING PROBLEMATIC THINGS.

The only reason Simon and Martina annoy me is because they acted like they were way too high and mighty to eat McDonalds during one of their fapfaps. And they kept wasting food.

People need to stop spreading gossip…

Apparently, everyone in K-Pop fanfiction community is against EYK, because apparentely they are “rude and will say bad things about your fanfiction, they will make fun of ur ship and say mean things. yeah!”

There is no reason for fanfiction writers to go all crazy and start spreading /fake/ gossip about this whole EYK situation. Ever since they started getting hate for B.A.P’s review, everyone thinks they are a duo of hypocrites who don’t respect anyone’s work. Plus, if a fanfic isn’t blocked, therefore available for anyone to read, there is no reason for the authors to get all pissy if their writing was to get in EYK’s video.

Plus, Martina even mentioned in a video that she spent the night reading a fanfic, that simply lowers they chances of EYK hating on it.

Double Standards from 2011.

I’ve been watching EYK since 2010 and I did really like their older videos about Korea when they first got there. Even now I still quite like their WANKS and FAPFAPs (Although they’ve seriously decreased in length or quality, the only thing that’s better is their upgraded cameras that film in 1080p instead of just 480p) and use those as a guide to places in Korea to visit. 


I have a bone to pick with them. I’ve tolerated a lot of their videos but this one resonated with me rather negatively. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but allow me to vent my frustrations I’ve kept in since watching the video in 2011.

Do we all remember the Kpop Music Monday they did for Girls’ Generation’s The Boys?

I’m not ignorant though on the legitimacy of some of the content. The video they made was honest and true in some parts. They can also say what they like about the video and the dance because in their KMM format, that is what they should talk about. 

This was the only english song that they reviewed. I say english because that was exactly what they did. Instead of opting for reviewing the Korean version, they reviewed the English version, which by category, is an English song. 

This is my problem with them.

Firstly, why would you review the English version when there was a Korean version? This is K-pop Music Mondays and I expect the song reviewed to be in Korean. I know many would think “Who cares? It’s Girls’ Generation and Girls’ Generation is still K-Pop.”. 

I care, because half of the entire video was made up of them making fun of the English lyrics. I’m not ignorant, I agree that the English lyrics don’t make much sense. Quite possibly, I think anyone who is fluent in English can figure that out. 

What I’m ticked off about is that they shouldn’t have reviewed the English version in the first place, especially when they had an option to review the Korean version. It was unnecessary hate on the video (and on Girls’ Generation) which shouldn’t need to have been there in the first place, nor would be there if they actually reviewed the Korean version. The fact that they used the English version’s lyrics as material for their video made me realise how much of a double standard they have.

Some of the videos they review have rubbish lyrics in Korean. Most of SM Entertainment’s Korean lyrics are shocking when translated into English. Some of YG and JYP’s entertainment’s lyrics are pretty goddamn rubbish too.

So it begs the question, why don’t they insult the Korean lyrics in their videos? They could have equally said a lot about the shocking lyrics in any KMM where they reviewed a Korean song. But no, when they do a Music Monday which features a Korean artist singing Korean, it’s like they don’t have that sort of material for which they can use to negatively criticise and demolish the video. Yes they are not Korean, however a google search would suffice, or perhaps some research would help as well. They can easily go onto a forum, or even on social media to gain opinions on Korean lyrics. To have language as a barrier is not an excuse. 

If they had reviewed the Korean version, I honestly think they wouldn’t have had as much to say. They would actually need to go past the shallowness of the lyrics and instead critique more on the dance, or the video, or something that actually has it’s place in a K-Pop Music Monday.

They stopped doing Japanese songs by Korean artists because it’s not in sung in Korean and that it is a K-POP Music Monday.

Then tell me, what justifies their decision to review the English version of The Boys and instead of the Korean one?

Double Standards S&M, Double Standards. 

P.S I’m glad Soozee is there finally to talk about rubbish Korean lyrics finally.

I’m happy to say I finally unsubbed. I’ve just had enough of shit in my life in general and being annoyed. Until they stop with their crap I’m going to stay unsubbed and I encourage anyone else to as well. Nothing is going to change about EYK until they start feeling the affects and that’s through their subscriptions. Remember people: whether they want to admit it or not this is their job and how they stay in Korea. No youtube, no business, no business, no visa, no visa, no Korea.

just install adblock plus

im also disappointed that eyk only accepts the good responses and ignore completely the opinion of many people who have watched them for years and might even donated for their studio. i wrote them an email some years ago about their website, because it was missing some important parts and it was confusing for new people - they didnt even reply. but eventually they really did fix their website some time ago - i know that a relaunch is really expensive and they might have used their donation money on that. 

i can imagine that they are really busy with the amount of messages they get, but i did order an eyk t-shirt for my sweet little sis before christmas and sadly they have a messed up check-out system which makes trouble for many customers. concerning my check-out problem they replied within an hour…one hour!! well, it was not helping much, because they didnt read my email thouroughly. nevertheless, it seems they actually have the capacities to reply to messages, they just dont decide to make an effort for things that doesnt promise them money. 

i myself dont watch there videos anymore but for people who want to watch from time to time but dont want to contribute to their success, i suggest you to install adblock plus or a different ad blocker, because youtube bloggers make their money from the ads on youtube when you play their videos. its and easy way to show them your opinion and its better than to call them names, they dont care about that anyway and it makes you look bad… lets not go down on that level.

Since I've seen it one up a lot I have to ask, since when did the word "ghetto" become racist? I'm not being ignorant, this is a genuine question. Like S+M, I grew up knowing the term "ghetto" as "cheap." It was always used in that connotation around me. This may be on an unrelated note, but I feel I need to state this because I know some people will assume what race I am, I'm of mixed Hispanic-Asian heritage. I honestly don't think their intention was to be racist. Could someone please explain?

I think this is the nicest way to define the word “Ghetto”, but some people define it differently.
And I think the word “Ghetto” has become a racist word to some because people tend to associate it with Blacks and Hispanics whom are the majority that live in those areas.

Anyone have their own definition or explanation?

I write fanfiction and respect other fanfiction writers. Some of them can write amazing and deep-thinking stuff. I hope S&M doesn’t make fun of any specific fanfic. Fanfiction already has some bad rep. And S&M is known for making terrible jokes and putting down stuff. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now, but if they do something degrading, I’ll be back with some rage.

I write fanfiction and respect other fanfiction writers. Some of them can write amazing and deep-thinking stuff. I hope S&M doesn’t make fun of any specific fanfic. Fanfiction already has some bad rep. And S&M is known for making terrible jokes and putting down stuff. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now, but if they do something degrading, I’ll be back with some rage.